Give It to God

1 Peter 5:7

I got married at the ripe old age of 21 just shy of 3 years ago this May.  I can sum up everything I’ve learned about marriage in one sentence.  Ready?  Give it to God.

Clearly, this applies to other aspects of life as well, but few things have been more challenging in life than marriage, and I mean that in the best way.  My husband and I were young, we both came from broken homes and toxic past relationships, and while I had been a Christian for years, it was something that was new to him.  Life as a 20-something is difficult anyway, but add in living life and sharing daily struggles with another human 24/7 and you’ve got a whole new level of difficult.

I can remember talking to my pastor’s wife about the challenges of being a newlywed, especially when my husband was a new believer still growing in Christ.  She said something to me that was so simple, yet so enlightening that really took hold of me, not just in application to my marriage but to life as a Christian as a whole.  “He’s not yours to fix.  Pray for him and let God do the work.”

I am the self-proclaimed anxiety queen, able to leap to the worst conclusion in a single bound.  While this aspect of my personality is something He and I discuss regularly, it has improved significantly since my conversation with my pastor’s wife in the early days of my marriage.  Just as marriage has been one of the most challenging experiences, it’s also caused the most growth in me as a Christian.  God does not intend for us to worry about anything, nor does He expect us to handle things on our own.  If we were actually capable of that, why would we need Him? Once I gave my marital concerns to the Lord, it became easier to do so with other aspects of my life as well, and, boy, did I see change (to my surprise, mostly in myself).   Depression, finances, health, family -stop trying to carry the weight of these things on your own, and allow Him to do it for you.  He is faithful and he cares for you!

When time allows, I submit a devotional to a completely free monthly devotional project by women, for women called Her Binder Project. (This one is from a couple of months ago.) Available for free download at the first of each month, it includes a daily devotional for the entire month that revolves around a centralized theme. The site offers lots of other free resources as well.  Check it out & let me know what you think!


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