The Grass is Greener & the Rug is Cleaner

I’m not sure if it’s the long stretches of time I spend with no other adults present that prompts me to spend more time talking to God or if it’s something different, but lately, I’ve been hearing what He has to say.  Even in just mundane tasks likes vacuuming our living room rug for the 33rd time that day, He speaks and I listen, and that’s why this post exists.

The rug I mentioned is a recent purchase and one I’m quite proud of for a few reasons.  We needed a new one because the old one just didn’t appeal to me and also because it had survived years of wear & tear… and dogs… and spilled drinks… and just general abuse from us.  However, even after looking online at virtually every internet retailer and store websites, I couldn’t find one that I liked that wasn’t going to cost me upwards of $100.  Yeah, I’m cheap.  That shouldn’t surprise you if you’ve been reading this for a while.  So anyway, I held out until we visited a store on the outskirts of Nashville that is essentially a wholesale Lowe’s and I’m so glad that I did.  I got an area rug for our living room that cost under $30 AND it didn’t look or feel like AstroTurf!

The next day, I put our old, smelly, grimy rug out in the garage and replaced it with our new one.  Since then, I’ve been meticulous about keeping it vacuumed and making sure the dogs don’t slobber their butt breath all over it so that it doesn’t end up like the last one.  A couple days ago, I was vacuuming it before bed and He spoke.

The rug is cleaner when you take care of it.

“Well, duh,” you might be thinking, but there was more to it than that.  Everyone is familiar with the old saying ‘the grass isn’t always greener on the other side’ and this was kind of like that.  The more I thought/listened, the more sense it made.

The old rug was once brand spankin’ new and didn’t smell of mutt, but years in its environment made it dirty and, while it could be shampooed, it does have some irreparable blemishes.  For now, the new one is still pretty and in excellent  condition, but only because I’ve been very intentional about protecting it. The thing is, this rug is in the exact same environment as the last one.  The only thing that will keep my new rug in its current condition is effort on my part to protect it from everything around it that is meant to destroy it.  And that’s when it clicked with me that marriage is a rug.

Stick with me people.

I’ve mentioned before that marriage is more than just romance, and like all other things in life, you experience it in seasons.  Some of those seasons are warm & sunny, others are cold and rainy, and it’s not always fun.  Sometimes I don’t even like Phillip, but I choose to love him anyway.  Sure, there are romantic times, but more than anything, marriage is about creating a life with another person, your partner, and you have to be very intentional with the upkeep or, like my old rug, it’s going to end up all beat up and raggedy, and you’re going to want to toss it out into your garage with the other junk you don’t want anymore.


Obviously, I chose to get rid of the old rug, but I’m not planning on doing that with my existing husband because marriage is for life and also because he, unlike that filthy old rug, does not smell like dog. Moral of the story?  The grass is greener where you water it, and the rug is cleaner when you take care of it.



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