2018 Financials

Now that we're over 25% through 2019, I thought it was probably time to do a recap of our 2018 financials. For those of you who haven't been following along, last year was the beginning of my family's debt free journey. While we hoped to have made more progress on our goals at this point, … Continue reading 2018 Financials


I Wept

I turned 27 in December, and on my birthday, my mom (jokingly) asked me, "So, do you feel older?"At the time I told her no, but I was so much younger on December 7th than today. I've lived 2 lifetimes in the last month and boy am I feeling it. On December 13th, a Thursday, … Continue reading I Wept

My Why

I've posted about it regularly on this blog for several months now and I've given the brief version of why, but I've felt convicted to go a little deeper into that and the role my faith has played in this journey.  I've only focused on the numbers so far, it's high time I talk about the rest of the story.